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Live Video Monitoring and Surveillance Solutions

Live video monitoring has now become an inevitable solution for the ever increasing needs of security.

Live Video Monitoring and Surveillance Solutions

Live video monitoring has now become an inevitable solution for the ever increasing needs of security. This solution provides you with the opportunity of keeping an eye on your property or business from anywhere in the world. Remote video monitoring is being used in almost all business sectors ranging from construction sites to parking lots. You can spy on your site by integrating the remote surveillance solution to prevent thefts and you do not need to be present on your site physically. You can watch your site with the help of surveillance cameras installed by the security experts. So, you can protect your site by installing a video monitoring solution and keep an eye remotely on your site. 

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Why need a Video Monitoring Solution?

Either you install a remote surveillance solution on your home or your business site, you can have real-time access to your site through accessing your security system. This offers you the capability of controlling and monitoring your site without being present physically.

You can spy on your home with the help of a remote video monitoring solution. You can also have your virtual security guard and your site can get double protected through the integration of video monitoring solutions. 

Benefits of Live Video Monitoring

As the ever increasing need of security has made the use of video monitoring systems indispensable, therefore, opting for such a solution is a wiser choice to keep yourself updated about your site even in your absence. Following are some benefits of opting for this type of security solution:

Cost Effective Solution

This is the most cost effective solution that you can opt for ensuring the security of your site. You can effortlessly gain the benefit of a cost effective solution of live video monitoring for ensuring the safety of your assets and property. This solution can replace expensive services of security guards and you can have real-time access to your site whenever you need!

Prevent Thefts

Remote surveillance solution helps in preventing thefts and other security threats and also appears to be helpful in collecting the evidence for police in any crime incidents that happen on the site where you have installed the solution. Live video monitoring solution is coupled with an alarm and lightning system which is triggered when any secured area is accessed by an unauthorized person.

Secured Property

You can enjoy the security of your property by installing a video monitoring solution on your site. You will feel satisfied when you will observe everything on your site with the help of remote video monitoring. In case of any crime, theft or crime, you can use all the images as evidence to sue the criminal.

Prevent Criminal Intrusion

We all want to secure our business and home from intruders or burglars in today’s ever increasing crime rate around the world. So, you can attain a satisfactory level of security through integrating remote video monitoring solutions to ensure the security of your properties, assets and house. In this way, you will act proactively towards the prevention of your property damage. And, you can also use the videos stored in the video monitoring system as an evidence for deterring crimes.

Problem Solver

The installation of a video monitoring solution can solve your business problem related to the protection of your assets. As you may need to protect and secure your industrial yards, warehouses and other tangible assets, you can have 24/7 remote access to these areas, which will help your business from any kind of asset or property damage.

Public Safety

You can sue the criminal with the help of the evidence that you collected from the video monitoring solution. You can further ensure the safety of the public as well through having access to real time data of the site to prevent criminal incidents. You can prevent suspicious activities through having a virtual guard with the help of a remote surveillance solution.

Monitoring of Traffic

You can gain the benefit of monitoring the traffic in your industrial yards, warehouses or any authorized area to ensure the safety of your assets. The installation of remote video monitoring allows you to keep an eye on your site 24/7 without being present on the site.

Why Choose Us?

We offer high quality 24/7 coverage of your premises, you want to spy on! We have experienced, skilled and specialized professionals who can efficiently install the system according to your specifications. Our surveillance company offers real time and live monitoring of your sites. Our video surveillance company is not just an alarm team, rather we also provide you with the best solution that can help you in gathering evidence if you want to sue the criminal who intruded into your premises. 

We are the surveillance consultants with high quality remote surveillance solutions because we are not only reactive and triggered only when the alarm beeps, rather we work proactively by providing you with virtual security guards who can ruin the intruder’s plans. On the other hand, traditional surveillance systems do not work proactively as they are plagued sometimes by false calls, high criminal chances and lingering police response. 

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Our surveillance company focuses on prevention strategies instead of emphasizing on reaction. We have virtual security specialists who keep an eye on your premises 24/7 and are efficient enough to detect any suspicious movement beforehand, and evaluate associated threats and then act accordingly for the possible prevention of the crime before it occurs. Being a specialized video surveillance company, we alert the police as soon as our video surveillance professionals detect any threat, which makes it possible for the police to arrive before the occurrence of the break-ins. We also maintain the backup of the live tactical data of any criminal incident which takes place on your premises and it makes us one of the best surveillance consultants. Being efficient surveillance consultants, we can also access our speaker system for warning the criminal to deter the criminal act. It prevents the occurrence of criminal activity because most of the intruders carry out the intrusion activity when they think that they are not being watched and they escape from the premises in the wink of an eye if they find out that they are being watched.

So, have your premises secured and safe from any criminal activity by choosing Surveillance Intelligence as your video surveillance company and minimize security gaps!


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